Earn your love for the lift.

I've wanted to be a natural at lifting for a long time. I've wanted to rip weights off the ground, squat heavy and loooow, and bench flawlessly. Turns out you can't will yourself to be a natural. But you can work.

Psychology says that the harder you work for something, the higher your desire will become; it means more to you if it's not given. The more you do it, the more you’ll love it. Remember the last time you got that PR you trained for? Remember when the weights that were a max are now a working weight? Consider how that feels.

I challenge you to think of the exercise that you dread. The one on your program that you think “I can skip it today. Just today…” Do it today. Do it and be present. Think of how you can improve the lift instead of how you can’t wait for the set to be over. Think about strong movements, proper form, imagine how you would teach this movement to others. Watch your attitude towards the lift change. Put the work in. Earn your love for the lift.

UncategorizedClaire Thomson