Mindset PR

I am two weeks out from my second powerlifting meet and it has been a good time to reflect. Six months ago, I competed in my first powerlifting meet and I feel like an entirely different person since then. My first meet I felt inadequate. I had put the work in, trusted my trainer, his programming and my discipline but I still felt like I could not measure up to the girls I was competing with and against. My entire mindset was comparison. I felt like I did not belong on a powerlifting platform.

Six months later, after hypertrophy training, slowly and steadily going to a lighter weight class while increasing my lifts, meeting new powerlifters and gaining a new perspective, I am excited. I feel like this is the time to show what I've been working towards. I feel strong. I set numerical goals for this meet and while they may not be met, I'm pleased to say that I'm perfectly content with that. I don't think that shows apathy but rather a confidence that I am more than my numbers. I have been disciplined and I am continually challenging myself physically and mentally.

I have much more to look out for than numbers. I will show that performance is not perpetually defining. I will show that tiny girls (with a long distance running background) have a place in powerlifting. I will show that health- physical and mental- wins.