What a great time to be alive.

I’ve got two powerlifting meets under my belt now and I’m growing more in love with the sport. My team, as always, did phenomenally. My coach, as always, was selfless and technically perfect on all his lifts.

I learned almost as much yesterday as I have in the past six months of training combined. It’s game day. It’s important to show up and be there. But of course, it’s still one day. Weird stuff may happen. Your third squat attempt could be perfect depth and have enough power to throw you into a backbend. (What? What?) Your third deadlift may be a reasonable weight, but may not come off the ground at all. There are good days and there are bad days. It was not the meet I had imagined for months and months, but it was a damn good day.

My teammate, my mentor, and my best friend has worked through multiple injuries in the past year but most recently a very bad hamstring injury that left us questioning if she was even going to compete. We were both heartbroken and frustrated: deadlifts are her favorite lifts and they betrayed her?! But, in typical Tracy fashion, she learned how to train around it and was coached very well. She trained the stance that did not hurt her hamstring and she worked hard for that. Not only did she compete in the meet, but she PRed her deadlift by 4 pounds. Technical precision, with confidence and unbelievable strength. I am so proud to be a part of this team.

The more that I pursue a career in personal training, the closer I watch the trainers around me. I cannot help but be more than thankful for my own. He puts his clients first, he is continually learning about strength, health and how we move. He was next to me before every single one of my lifts and was there for me after every single lift. He had 6 people on his team as well as competing himself but I am positive that every single team member felt just as important as I did. The world needs more trainers like him. I hope to come close to as knowledgable, confident, hard working, proud, selfless, strong as he is. He once told me that a good trainer sees more potential in their clients than clients ever see in themselves. How thankful I am that he saw potential in me.

There are no words for the female powerlifting community. We may only see each other a couple times a month, but we are extended family. We cheer for each other, support each other’s goals and are there during good and bad lifts. What a group of individuals. What a great time to be alive.