Why not me?


The evening before the SFG tests, our team leader, Pavel Macek, gave us all a pep talk. I had this strange juxtaposition of emotions: fully confident in my training, but doubting myself entirely. I needed the pep talk.

The one thing Pavel said that simultaneously brought tears to my eyes and a chill down my spine: “Hundreds of people before you have done this. So why the hell not you?” I’m not sure if it was his thick Eastern European accent or the respect that I had for him that made it more powerful but it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Why not me? Of course I can do it. Why wouldn’t I be able to?

I recently passed my NASM Certified Personal Training exam. I had many doubts before. I had not put the time into studying that I felt I needed, I am historically not the best test taker, and I had heard that the test was not to be taken lightly.

The evening before the test, I sat on the floor, pointing to areas of my legs, hips and abs and naming where the muscles are, repeating them over and over to myself constantly thinking “oh this is not going to work. I should have done this six months ago. I am going to freeze up and forget everything on the exam. Why am I even doing this?”

I had to remind myself of Pavel’s words. Why not me? Am I not determined enough? Because I most certainly am. Have I not worked enough? Because I most certainly have. Am I not meant to be a trainer? Because I most certainly am. So why not me?

Find your doubts. Think how you want to feel. Why not you?