My nose ring makes me stronger.

Image.pngWhen I accepted a job as a trainer, my bosses asked me to take my nose ring out for work. I was surprised at first, but had no problem doing so. I’ve had it for about a year now, and think it suits my personality pretty well. During my shifts, I never have my nose ring in and I’m always in uniform. However, as soon as it’s my own training time, I’ll go change into lifting clothes (aka leggings that don’t have the logo on them, a different black tee shirt and Converse…) and I’ll always put my nose ring back in. I realize that it’s my “out of work” uniform. I feel a different type of confidence because of it.

That confidence translates well into my lifting. I know more people recognize me as “the new trainer”, so I feel when I lift, I have a certain image to live up to. I want my lifts to be strong, solid, thoughtful. More and more I’m realizing the importance of mindset, and how little tweaks can make all the difference. Even something as simple as a nose ring can change your mentality, and put you in the right frame of mind to get to the gym, make the lifts, etc.

What is the one thing that makes you feel more confident? Do you like to wear baseball caps when you're working out? Do you have a favorite pair of leggings? I encourage you to find little things that can influence your mentality - in a positive way - and run with that.

MentalityClaire Thomson