Say what you want to feel.


It’s January. Time to do new things. Time for resolutions. It’s an exciting time, especially for the fitness industry: many people are setting new goals for themselves and I have the opportunity to be a part of that! In the midst of all the changes, I’d like you to focus on your speech.

Listen to how you speak of yourself. How do you identify yourself? How do you speak about your physical capabilities, your nutrition, sleep routines, water intake?

Language affects the way we think of ourselves.

I have been lucky enough to meet with several young women who just joined the gym. Each of them, on separate occasions, said “Oh, my arms are so weak”. If the one thing that they remember about me is my correction of “the ‘w’ word” to “work”, then I’ll feel accomplished. I will not shy away from correcting “I am weak” to “I am working on…”

Do you want to increase your stamina because right now walking up a flight of stairs is tough? “I am out of shape” is a definitive sentence that doesn’t seem to allow for much growth. How can we change that sentence to set ourselves up for success?

Say what you want to feel. Say what you want to do. Say that you are doing it.

Listen to yourself. Listen to how you speak of your accomplishments, your goals, your struggles. Are you thinking in definite, fixed terms or are you setting you giving your fitness an extra push using your language?

“This year, I am going to work on my cardio so that I can walk up the stairs and move freely.” Here the focus is on what you are doing right now. Instead of defining yourself negatively, you are focusing on your present goals and your present actions.

And if you came into 2017 as a gym rat, how do you think of yourself? Are you as focused on your own training sessions? How can you speak of yourself and your goals as well as being an inspiration to those around you? Do more with your fitness than just grunting and sweating. Be an inspiration. Speak of your accomplishments and future accomplishments with confidence and drive.

This is not a New Year’s Resolution idea. This is a daily practice. Everyday, work towards bettering yourself. Speak in a positive manner, changing your frame. I’m here for you, cheering you on.

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