2017: the year of women.


I've been flaky about my idea of feminism. In my early teenage years, when I saw my mom attend university courses, grow in her confidence and study women's history, I thought feminism was awesome. As I grew (albeit misguidedly) in my religion, I decided I could not identify both as faithful and a feminist. This is not a political post. I have no ground to stand on in that conversation: I am decidedly politically uneducated.

I would like to comment on the women's marches all over the world on 21 January 2017. I was in awe at the majority of what I saw and heard. Since I was not at a march myself, I can only speak of the aftermath I saw on social media and reporting from my friends. What a celebration. Not only do we have the freedom to vote, to march, to write, to sing but we have the inner strength to join together and show solidarity.

Women are known as the more emotional sex and I certainly do not think of that as a negative. Look at the passion, heart and community that came together yesterday. That was in no way weak.

More than thankful to live in a country that is undeniably strong regardless of leadership. More than thankful to live in a generation that is growing in intolerance to injustice. More than thankful to live in a world where women care about strength.

I would have loved to be at the women's march in Charlotte. I was marching too; teaching a powerlifting class to strong women. I guess in my own way I march everyday.

Thank you, women of the world, for giving me the definition and clarity I was looking for.

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