Friday Feels.


In the past seven months, my life has changed incredibly. The two people closest to me moved away, I took a new job with a new schedule, new industry, new financial situation and honestly, I did not handle the changes as well as I thought I would.

Through a season of change, I’ve experienced self-doubt, sadness and disordered eating. The combination of lack of sleep and stress lead to injuries and those injuries lead further into psychological distress.

The sob story ends here: I am not alone, and this season is nearly over. I am choosing to move on from these negative emotions and will use this season to be vulnerable with my struggles, hoping that it will help YOU.

These struggles are more common than we are willing to admit, and I want to point to a couple resources that have helped me get back on the emotional upswing:

Neghar Foononi has helped me overcome much of my self doubt. Her vulnerability and authenticity has inspired me in many ways.

KellyUFit has helped very much with disordered eating and body positivity.

Headspace has taught me to meditate and use visualization techniques throughout the day.

More than anything, the 5 Minute Journal has been crucial in seeing the world in a more positive light. With focused questions and without being time consuming, the 5 Minute Journal has brought so much clarity back into my life.

In a world that puts the best on display always, I’m making my best attempt to be vulnerable in struggles and honesty in overcoming! Please let me know in what way I can help. Some seasons are clear and bright, and some seem much more fuzzy and sad: I’d love to celebrate the clear seasons and work through any fuzziness with you.