Is your healthy hobby making you healthy?


As a health and strength coach, I'm going to encourage movement and a physically active hobby. Movement is obviously important for physical health, but also for mental and social health as well! If you are involved in a strength sport of any kind, I'm going to ask you to take a hard look at your hobby. Does your healthy hobby make you healthy? Mentally, physically, socially? Are you anxious? Do you feel as though you are never doing enough? Does spending hours in the gym give you joy? Does your body love it? Are you avoiding or missing social events because your gym time is more important?

Recently, my client had very specific weight loss goal that required a very intense nutritional overhaul. While she was compliant and reached her goals in a short time, I found myself constantly reminding her that her healthy hobby (powerlifting) needed to lead her to true health. If she was beating herself up for slipping on the diet a little, or even feeling cravings, we were headed down the WRONG path. As a team, we are remaining mentally and physically healthy and I could not be more proud of her success.

Life will always be more important than the scale. Life will always be more important than the meet. Life will always be more important than the show.

It's a constant battle: am I doing enough? Can I be doing more? The real question is: Are you truly healthier because of your healthy hobby?

Just some thoughts. <3 C