Thank you, Universe.


Well, I officially live in Nashville, TN. The process of moving was nothing short of amazing.

Prior to making the decision to move, my whole life felt a little outta whack. Although there was nothing causing any particular stress, my emotions seemed unmanageable. During my August trip to Nashville, I told Zack that I would begin to look for jobs. If I got a good job and it made sense, I would move to be with him.

I’ve realized time and time again that if you put in the work, the Universe will reward you for it. I applied to job upon job online, and within two weeks I had a job offer. The job started in less than two weeks. From 14 August to 11 September, I was going to go from “I’ll apply and see” to “I’m moving?!”

The job itself was not exactly what I was looking to do, and the salary was less than we had hoped. We had discussed a tentative plan for our living situation, and while I was desperate to be with Zack, I knew that something better would happen. Perhaps the boldest decision I’ve ever made was to turn down that job offer. I kept saying, “What if something better doesn’t come along?! Finding a job takes months and I have to be out of my apartment by the middle of November!” Although the thought of staying in Charlotte was a nightmare, I knew the Universe would teach me trust.

I applied to job upon job and grew very tired of the disappointments. Finally, I found a job that seemed interesting. I hadn’t heard of the company before, but the job description seemed to fit. The next day, I had a phone interview. I researched the company and imagined myself working there. I stalked online reviews from current and previous employees and fell more attached. The interview process seemed to take forever. I was expecting an offer after one interview, then I had to wait. Then another interview, and I had to wait. The day I got the job offer gave me a full month to get out to Nashville. Perfect timing.

Now, the fun part! I scoured Zillow for the perfect apartment and I found one that I absolutely loved. I had been in similar apartments and said “I wonder if I will ever live in a place like this.” When Zack went to visit, he loved it and we got the apartment.

Because I was trusting that everything was going to work out, I subconsciously was looking for signs that I would be able to move. Here are a couple that I found particularly interesting:

Two of my closest friends announced they were moving to Orlando in November. Although they didn’t have a date to move, they knew it was in November. Tyler and Ashley’s move in date was 8 November, as was Zack and mine. None of us had discussed our move-in dates!

I had been applying to jobs since August- far in advance from my lease ending on 19 November. The start date that my company gave me was 13 November; perfect time to move before my lease ends.

On 24 August, I applied to eight jobs online. My first job offer was one of those eight jobs. On 24 September, I applied to eight jobs online. My second job offer was one of those eight.

Our apartment square footage is the same as my birthday.

When Zack flew to Charlotte to move me out of my apartment, his flight landed at 7:11pm. His birthday is 11 July.

I won’t get into the details of our lease’s concessions, but I will say there was no competition for our business.

I was planning on a Christmas vacation with Zack’s family that would require a few days off work. When planned vacations came up in the interview process, I mentioned our trip and the time off was a perfect amount of the personal days I was automatically rewarded upon starting and company holidays. No extra time off at all.

Maybe I’m reading too far into these things. Who knows. But I’ll thank the Universe for giving me these musings to calm my busy mind.

We moved in yesterday, and as I write in the first coffee shop we went to together in Nashville (a couple blocks from my new job), all I can think is thank you, Universe. After 484 days of long distance, I feel at home in a brand new city.

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