On being dynamic.

I love routine. Not having to think about a schedule allows me to be more creative. Eating the same food every day frees my mind. However, my passions are dynamic.

I distinctly remember being about 4 years old when my brother went to his first karate class. I wanted to go as well. I was all signed up for classes, got all the gi, and a couple classes later never wanted to go again. I wasn't a long term dancer. I swam for a little bit, figure skated for a few years. I'm pretty sure there was field hockey somewhere in there...

I thought of myself as fickle.

My brother, from the age of 5 to 18, excelled at karate and earned his second degree black belt.

I saw fickle as a flaw. I hoped it would be something I grew out of, and chalked it up to immaturity.

After transferring from my first college and starting a brand new life, I began to see myself curious, rather than fickle. The dedication of losing weight and training for a half marathon provided a different viewpoint from fickle. I started to feel less shame surrounding the changes in my life, and was willing to admit that I had "tried a lot of things".

The dedication of strength training, laser focus for my Strong First goals provided the self confidence to change the narrative to "I am a dynamic being."  I am not solely a petite feminist. I am not solely a thinking Christian. I am not solely a strength athlete. I'm a combination of all those things. At times, some more than others.


One of the more consistent themes in my dynamic life has been Christianity. From learning but questioning to fiercely literal to fairly liberal, spirituality has been important for decades. If you've been around here long enough, you'll already know;  my favorite story in the Bible is the Creation story. Every bit of it has had a remarkable impact on my self discovery, but the final moment in the Creation story is a beautiful one: the dove brings back an olive branch. 

After God creates the world and humans messed it up, God wanted to start all over. 

He sent the flood, and after things were good and cleared out, the last man standing sent out a dove to see if the waters had receded. When the dove came back with an olive branch, we knew the world was ready.

God started all over.

This isn't the only time in Scripture that God changes. If an omnipotent Being can be dynamic, I sure as heck can too.

Whether it's health, fitness, spirituality, job, location, identity... you can always begin again.

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