Make America Grateful Again.


"It sucks grocery shopping, doesn't it," my neighbour asked me, "having to carry all those bags up?" I'm a one trip person and had grocery bags from my wrists to my elbows as I walked up two flights of stairs.

I chuckled politely but instantly thought, "Ma'am, I'd like you to come into my home so I can tell you how much it doesn't suck to go grocery shopping. In fact, I'd like to remind you that grocery shopping, ESPECIALLY carrying the bags up the stairs is the opposite of sucking."

The ability and the knowledge to drive a car and the financial responsibility of having that car to even take you TO the grocery store already makes grocery shopping the opposite of sucking.

Being able to pick out foods that we can confidently trust will not harm us is the opposite of sucking.

Being able to pick out the same foods at a slightly lower price because they're on sale this week is the opposite of sucking.

Having food readily available - being able to pick bananas that are slightly greener so they will last the whole week - is the opposite of sucking.

Having people employed and able to help us with transactions and wanting to walk us to our cars with our food  is the opposite of sucking.

Having organized traffic patterns so we can feel safe on the roads is the opposite of sucking.

Now, my favorite part. The ability to get out of my car, walk to get my groceries, pick them all up in two hands and walk up the two flights of stairs is a complete and utter joy. The ability to move, to lift, to walk, to climb, to communicate with others, to look for my neighbours and see their pets.... These are incredibly joyful things.

To walk into a home that I'm creating with the love of my life, and put away all our food for the week is the opposite of sucking.

I'm not sure why exactly she thought that the best passing comment would be about grocery shopping sucking. It's 75 degrees and sunny and we are alive and well.


Next time I won't chuckle politely. We need to be grateful again.