“You’re strong. You’re determined. You’re disciplined.”

I was actually talking aloud to myself in the gym, around two other people. It was needed, though.

The other two people were the owner of the gym and her personal training client. The client was doing banded walks and couldn’t stop talking about her “obese sister” and her very negative opinions of her. I was training my bottoms up presses, which are hard enough for me on a good day!

I realized that I not only had to physically remove myself from the negative energy, but I had to tell myself positive things to overcome what my mind had just heard.

“You are strong. You are determined. You are disciplined.” I whispered to myself as I hinged down to grip the hell out of the kettlebell. Once I cleaned the bell, I was able to press it. Despite missing it several times, the presses became possible with some positive affirmations.

It feels a lot less cheesy when you realize you’re not lying to yourself.

You are strong. You are determined. You are disciplined.

Claire Thomson