Easy Peasy Program

Thanks for checking out the Easy Peasy Program! This program is designed to increase your strength, mobility, and endurance.


What's it all about?

If you are interested in dialing in your kettlebell technique to become your strongest self, Easy Peasy is for you. These short training sessions are not meant to keep you in the gym for hours. While working on mobility for injury prevention, more fluid movement and healthier joints, you will simultaneously be increasing your strength and endurance.


What’s included in the program?

That’s a great question! This program is four weeks long, with four days a week of lifting. Each exercise has a prescribed number of sets and reps, and a detailed YouTube video linked, so you can be sure you’re performing each one correctly. Within the YouTube video, I have even further detailed written instructions.

What about warm ups? 

Yes! I want to make sure you are working on your mobility as well, so I have included a short dynamic mobility sequence to get you going!

Is this all cardio?

Nope! I do have a couple complexes throughout the program to get your heart rate up, but the program is not designed to get you dripping sweat and gasping for breath every day.

Is this appropriate for beginners?

Yes! The program is designed around basic kettlebell movements, and I have descriptive videos for each one!

I’ve been working with kettlebells for a while. Will I benefit?

Definitely! Each day is designed as practice. This is a great way to hone in on your skills.

Do I have to follow the program or can I just do random days?

The workouts are periodized; but you’re welcome to come back to any of these days for additional training!

Can I do this at home?

Definitely! There are a few workouts that require heavier bells and a couple that require doubles. If you have the kettlebells at home, you’re more than welcome to do at home!


I was hooked my first session with kettlebells. I had a weekend trip planned that I cut in half so I didn’t miss my second kettlebell class.

People warned me I would want a break from bells after my SFG Level 1. My wrists did, but I did not. I wanted more after my Level 2 as well.
Every training goal I set must involve kettlebells or I know it’s not something I will put the effort into to accomplish.

I wrote a program to spark the same love of kettlebells in you. This is the program I wish I had had. It’s the Easy Peasy Program.

Four weeks, four days a week, designed to tune up your kettlebell skills and get you stronger. The Easy Peasy Program will increase your strength, mobility, and endurance while training smart and focusing on skills.